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Custom Vehicle Graphics And More for El Jefe - The Chef Movie Food Truck
El Jefe is an iconic custom food truck created for the heartwarming 2014 movie Chef. Cinema Vehicles created the custom vehicle graphics just as we’ve done for other promotional vehicles.

Chef is the story of Carl Casper, the head chef of a prestigious California restaurant played by Jon Favreau. Faced with creative limitations in his menu, Carl sets out to rediscover his passion for food while piecing his family back together. Carl is offered a dilapidated food truck by his former wife’s Ex-husband played by Robert Downey Jr. and reluctantly accepts. After fixing up the truck under the name El Jefe, Carl Journeys across America with his culinary crew and young son, Percy.
El Jefe Food Truck
El Jefe is Spanish for “The Boss”, and that’s exactly what Jon Favreau’s character becomes when he sets out to cook Cuban cuisine on his own terms again. When Cinema Vehicles was asked to create custom vehicle graphics for this memorable movie food truck, our team was ready to stand and deliver.

We are often contracted for corporate builds by businesses looking for promotional vehicles for experiential marketing at trade shows, marketing tours, and other events. El Jefe was an excellent merge of our capabilities for commercial and cinematic purposes.
The Early Stages
Our work with Aldamisa Entertainment, the production company for Chef, went above and beyond the typical scope of work for Custom truck graphics or promotional vehicles. The food truck that would eventually become El Jefe is first introduced as a dilapidated mess. This required us to take the vehicle through multiple stages of design for its graphics and body work. We used movie industry-specific techniques to give the appearance of age with a great deal of wear and tear.
Polishing Up
Bringing the food truck back into our shop, we set to work on the necessary bodywork, upholstery, and custom vehicle graphics. Working with the production design team at Aldamisa Entertainment, El Jefe was made to have the look and feel the movie called for. This included inspiration by the authentic Cuban cuisine Jon Favreau’s character would be serving up, but with a distinct handmade touch. Every detail of the Custom truck graphics was attended to, right down to the menu signage.
The El Jefe Legacy
El Jefe food truck was easily the most important prop and promotional vehicle for the entire movie. It appears consistently as the mobile restaurant Carl Casper uses to jump-start his new cooking career, and primary transportation for their trip across the USA. The way this old food truck was fixed up is an appropriate thematic match for the character of Carl Casper, as he fixes up his career and relationships with his family.

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