1. What is a lightbox?

Q: What is a lightbox?


With Cinema Vehicles advanced browse inventory feature, you can now find and save vehicles for your next production. Our advanced searching allows you, on any device, to quickly find vehicles by category, era, and by vehicle features such as, vehicle type, usage, exterior and interior color, and other vehicles characteristics.

Each vehicle has listed all the specifications that you would need to know while creating your vehicle production list. Cinema Vehicles lightbox feature allows you to create a lightbox for your latest production, and save it for easy reference at anytime on any device.

Lightbox Features and benefits include:

  • Create a list of vehicles and items for your next production or project.
  • Save your lightbox permanently for reference anytime on any device.
  • Save a lightbox with No commitment to rent or do business with Cinema Vehicles
  • Easy and convenient way to communicate to Cinema Vehicles what vehicles you would like on your next production

To start creating your first lightbox, simply click the “Add to Lightbox” button on any item of interest. After you have completed your lightbox list, next is to save the lightbox to your free Cinema Vehicle’s account. Once you have created a free account on the website, you can then save your lightbox.

Once your lightbox is saved, you can print it, save it as a PDF, and share it with your production team. You are also able to view a history of your lightboxes and come back to them once your production is green lit.

We at Cinema Vehicles are excited to give our loyal and new customers the new online experience of our advanced browse inventory and saved lightbox feature. We look forward to continuing to provide the best service in the film industry.

Please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for, as our inventory continuously changes, and most likely, we have what you need, and if not, we can get it for you!