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G.I. Joe Movie Vehicles

The G.I. Joe movie vehicles represent the militaristic world that first brought us the term “action figure.” Our team at Cinema Vehicles set out to bring these G.I. Joe Humvees to life for the big screen.

G.I. Joe, the iconic toy, comic, and media franchise from Hasbro was adapted into a live-action film franchise in 2009 by Paramount Pictures. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the first film in the series, grossed a staggering 302 million dollars worldwide. A key component in the franchise’s international success was the set design and effects in the movies.

At Cinema Vehicles, our team developed the G.I. Joe Humvees that were used in the film, and after we go how we made those vehicles, it will be clear how we added significant value to film’s production.

The G.I. Joe Armored Humvees

We designed the Humvees to be futuristic, tactical trucks for the G.I. Joes to ride off to wherever the Joes’ missions took them. The vehicles appear in several spectacular scenes where the Joes fire back at Cobra members to disable their plot of world domination.

For the production of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, we had to customize many vehicles for the films many action and crash scenes. In total, we built 7 of these trucks, and we formatted each Humvee to look like they would withstand any Cobra gunfire or bombs.

Challenges with the G.I. Joe Build

While the vehicles were not complex in their design, the Humvees took a while to customize for the movie. So similar to the Humvees we built for The Hunger Games movies, we had very little time to complete these builds.


We also had to customize these G.I. Joe movie vehicles for action scenes in the movie, which meant designing the vehicles to be safe and secure for the actors and stunt personnel who rode or drove the vehicles, since some of the shots of the Humvees were made for crash and inside the cabin scenes.

Where Do the G.I. Joe Humvees Appear in the Movie?

The G.I. Joe Humvees are included in some of the main action sequences in the film. The Humvees appear in the opening scene of the movie where a Cobra squadron attacks the Joes from the air. In one scene, some of the Humvees are destroyed in the ensuing skirmish and the rest fire back at the Cobra air offensive.

In the following scene, G.I. Joes Duke and Ripcord, the protagonists of the film, share a moment of panic as they realize the Baroness, one of the film’s antagonists, has killed some of their comrades. Finally, the Humvees also show up is in the Joes’ base when Cobra fighters help the Baroness escape the Joes’ capture.

For More Information

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has inspired a new generation of movies and toys that have revitalized the brand in past few years. Our team at Cinema Vehicles was happy to produce the G.I. Joe movie vehicles, and we were proud to bring the story of the G.I. Joes to life once again.

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