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The Divergent Series Allegiant Movie Spaceship

Based on a trilogy of novels by Veronica Roth, The Divergent Series takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago, wherein the Bureau has divided citizens into one of five possible personality-related factions. This segregation of society stems from a utopic vision of the future in which neutralizing independence will form a safer, obedient world.

In the third installment of the related film series, Allegiant, the main characters in Tris and Four must escape from the walled-off city in order to reveal new truths to the world inside Chicago about the insidious plans of the Bureau. The Divergent Series: Allegiant movie grossed 179 million dollars in the box office.

At Cinema Vehicles, our team designed the spacecraft used during the film’s escape scenes. The spacecraft added to the film’s big budget production and made those scenes more believable to the film’s sci-fi audience.

Specifications for the Escape Spaceship

Our team designed the spaceship to be a futuristic spacecraft in order to fit the Divergent series’ post-apocalyptic world. We integrated automation into the windows of the escape ship and added moveable hand controls and foot pedals for the cast to interact with.

We included rear wings and engines into the back end of the ship for the fly away shots of the ship. And we also engineered automated sliding cockpit doors for the entering and exiting shots of the spacecraft.

The specifications for The Divergent Series: Allegiant movie spaceship were very critical to its design from an engineering perspective, since the build called for an internal structure that could be raised or lowered on a linear slide. We made this design to give the visualization of the seats and internal structure rotating mid-flight, which was important for action scenes when the craft pitches forward or backwards.

Challenges with the Escape Spaceship Build


Our team had to overcome many challenges over the course of creating this original design for The Divergent Series: Allegiant movie spaceship. First, we had to build the ships from basic drawings and no actual dimensions.

Next, although the spaceship did not fly, we had to engineer some level of functionality into the build to make the ship appear more realistic. We accomplished this through constructing a frame jig from printing life-size drawings of the spacecraft.

Another challenge that we had with creating the ship was building a tubular frame and fiberglass body only from a 2D drawing. Our team had to make these parts all fit together flawlessly with a minimum amount of space.

Finally, we had to modify the spaceship’s shipping crate with an internal tubular frame and mounting structure to travel to the studio, so the spacecraft could be kept in suspension and not be damaged.

Where Does the Escape Spaceship Appear in the Movie?

Our spacecraft can be seen throughout Allegiant, but the ship is most prominently shown in the latter half of the movie during the escape scenes with Tris, Four, and Christina. The scene begins as Tris hijacks David’s ship and the trio escapes from the Bureau.

David, the antagonist of the movie, played by Jeff Daniels, uses The Divergent Series: Allegiant movie spaceship as his personal vehicle throughout the film. David’s ship highlights not only the sci-fi landscape of Chicago, but also the main modes of travel in the Divergent universe.

For More Information

Our team at Cinema Vehicles brought the Divergent series’ futuristic setting and action-packed plot to life through the escape spaceship build. We were proud to have our work included into the film adaptations of one of the most successful young adult book franchises in history.

If your TV, film, or commercial production would like to have a custom made vehicle, like the one shown in the Divergent Allegiant movie, please contact our custom build team at (818) 780-6272 or through our site’s contact page.