Cinema Vehicles is proud to announce the launch of our new website! We have engineered the new site to be the most efficient for our customs in finding vehicles for their production.

The new Cinema Vehicles website has some great and unique functions that no one in the industry has.

The new website has a "Light Box" function. 

Cinema Vehicles lightbox feature allows you to create a lightbox for your latest production, and save it for easy reference at anytime on any device.

Lightbox Features and benefits include:

  • Create a list of vehicles and items for your next production or project.
  • Save your lightbox permanently for reference anytime on any device.
  • Save a lightbox with No commitment to rent or do business with Cinema Vehicles
  • Easy and convenient way to communicate to Cinema Vehicles what vehicles you would like on your next production

Cinema Vehicles new website also features a easier and quicker vehicle look-up and search navigation, which will help you find the perfect vehicle in a faster more efficient way.