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Cinema Vehicles - Beverage Trucks

Beverage Trucks for Rent

If you’re familiar with TV and movie production, you know that little details go a long way to telling an authentic story. Some of the most important, but most difficult-to-find details are the picture cars. Luckily at Cinema Vehicles, we have the beverage or cooler truck you’re looking for ready for rent before you knew you needed it.

Beverage trucks make great set dressing pieces to capture the hustle and bustle of a busy city street. They can also be good carriers of natural-looking product placement. Whether you’re shooting on location in New York City or using a dedicated set built on an LA backlot, beverage trucks are a good addition to your fleet of car rentals.

Customized to Suit Your Needs

These cooler trucks can add depth and texture to the transportation landscape that you’re trying to portray, beyond the ordinary cars, trucks, and buses. Or, ask us about custom graphics and we’ll deliver it to your production painted up perfectly for an important foreground role. When you work with Cinema Vehicles, however detailed your transportation needs are, you can trust that we’ve got you covered.

We have custom detailing, glasswork, and more for requests that are a bit off the beaten path. Cinema Vehicles also specializes in corporate builds if you’re looking for a functioning promotional piece.

Customer Service

For over 40 years, Cinema Vehicles has taken pride in our customer service approach. Wherever your production is located, from our offices in Los Angeles or Atlanta, we can handle your vehicle needs. Reach out and connect with one of our customer service specialists today to find out what we can do for you.
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