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Cinema Vehicles - Airport Support Vehicles

Airport Support Vehicle Rental

If you’re shooting a film, TV show or commercial that takes place at an airport, there’s a very good chance every single person in your audience knows what the scene looks like. There are planes, passengers, and plenty of support vehicles to go along with them. That’s why, for airport shoots, the right airport ground support vehicles are absolutely essential. These vehicles add a crucial element of authenticity to your work and fill out the background perfectly for the viewer.

From stair trucks to airport tugs, shuttle buses to fueler trucks, Cinema Vehicles can satisfy all of your airport vehicle rental needs. We also have a capable team of mechanics who can get any vehicle up and running and onto the set as quickly as possible.

Further Customization

Once you’ve selected your airport vehicle rentals, we can send them over to our custom graphics department for the exact paint and detailing you need them to have. We’ll be happy to add the branding of that fictional airline to your rental airport shuttle bus.

And for extra custom requests, Cinema Vehicles also specializes in custom vehicle builds and corporate builds for anything from annual events to marketing tours and trade shows.

Our Customer Service is Soaring

At Cinema Vehicles, we have over 40 years of experience servicing clients of all stripes in the film and TV industries. We have locations in Los Angeles and Atlanta. We work tirelessly for a positive customer experience. For more information on top-notch airport vehicle rentals, contact a specialist at Cinema Vehicles today!
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