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Cinema Vehicles - Armored Trucks

Armored Trucks for Rent

Armored trucks make great set pieces for action and suspense. The sight of an armored truck in a movie, barreling down a busy street during a gunfight, or being hijacked by a group of determined bank robbers are reasons people go to movies.

Whether you’re filming a bank heist or a superhero movie with jaw-dropping feats of strength, we can provide the right armored trucks to make sure the shot is as realistic and impressive as it can be. At Cinema Vehicles, we also have a dedicated team of mechanics to ensure the armored truck you rent is running reliably and ready to go by the time the cameras roll.

Custom Services and Beyond

If you don’t see any armored trucks in our inventory that perfectly suit your needs, we can still help. Cinema Vehicles also specializes in custom builds, detailing and glasswork. We can modify an existing vehicle to your specifications, or create a unique vehicle from scratch to make sure you get the right look for the scene.

An armored truck you rent elsewhere may not like you painting the name of a fictional company or city police department. Not only do we encourage it, we have the tools to do the work in-house. We have plenty of experience collaborating on unique film and TV projects, so don’t hesitate to ask if you’re seeking a vehicle that’s a bit more original.

A Proud Customer Service Tradition

At Cinema Vehicles, we have over 40 years of experience servicing Hollywood with rentals and custom vehicles for use in film, TV, and commercials. But we don’t just offer great production services to just the greater Los Angeles area. Contact our Atlanta office for all of your needs on-location too.

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