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1920's & 30's Vehicles
1920’s - 193’s Cars & Vehicles Cinema Vehicles provides a variety of cars from the 1920’s and 1930’s for use in movies, television production, and advertisements. Vintage vehicles take...More Details »
1960's Vehicles
1960s Car Rentals At Cinema Vehicles, we have been renting vehicles for movies, television, and commercial projects for over forty years. Learn more about the 1960s vehicles in our...More Details »
1970's Vehicles
1970s Car Rentals At Cinema Vehicles, we know the vehicle choice for a television commercial, corporate function, or film production can make or break its success. We’re here to help...More Details »
1980's Vehicles
1980 Car Rentals When you choose Cinema Vehicles for your 1980s car rentals, you’re getting a company with the versatility to provide cars, transportation, and staging space for all your...More Details »
1990's Vehicles
1990s Car Rentals When you choose Cinema Vehicles, you get a versatile partner company with over 40 years experience in the film industry. We can provide you 1990s vehicles rentals, staging...More Details »
2000's Vehicles
2000s Car Rentals Renting Cars From the 2000s At Cinema Vehicles, we want to provide you with all our services — from rentals to custom builds — for any production set in the 2000s....More Details »
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Airport Support Vehicle Rental If you’re shooting a film, TV show or commercial that takes place at an airport, there’s a very good chance every single person in your audience knows what...More Details »
Burned & Crashed
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Car Carriers for Rent If you’re renting a large number of prop vehicles for your production, chances are you’ll also need a trailer for carrying cars. Car carrier rental is not often the...More Details »
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Items 1-12 of 37